5910 Rotarians,
Congratulations on “making it through” the pandemic and now working toward being on the other side of it! District 5910 can celebrate the fact that our members and our clubs have found ways to adapt in order to continue meeting and providing service in your communities in ways that conformed with the guidance provided by health officials. Many Rotary districts were not so lucky, having lost clubs due to the lockdowns.

Through your commitment and dedication, you kept going in whatever manner worked for your club and your members, and we can hopefully now begin the return to normal activities as more and more people are vaccinated.

As we near the end of this Rotary year, our International President Holger Knaack has reaffirmed his focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our district has made some progress on those priorities, but more work is still ahead:

  • Increasing the role of women Rotarians by encouraging more women in leadership roles. District 5910 has been more successful in this endeavor than some, especially those in other parts of the world. The district is thriving as a result.
  • Increasing racial and ethnic diversity, which our district needs to continue to find ways to address; and
  • Promoting Rotaract clubs in the district by supporting the current clubs and adding new clubs and more members. District Rotaract Chair Birda Gaskin has kept her focus on keeping Rotaract alive in 5910, and we expect to see a lot of growth in numbers of Rotaractors and Rotaract clubs as things get back to normal in our schools. Birda is hoping to involve more Rotarians on her committee next year, so if you have an interest in helping, please contact her at gaskinbirda@gmail.com.

President Holger’s theme for this Rotary year, Rotary Opens Opportunities, has served us well. You have indeed focused on the many opportunities to adapt, learn new ways of interacting and carrying on your service projects, and staying in touch even when you couldn’t meet in person and function as your normally would. You have proven that you are resilient and that you will find a way to serve, no matter what!

Bravo, 5910 Rotarians! Bravo!


Becky Mason
2020-21 District Governor