Pardon the commercial at the beginning, but we could not resist sharing this video clip from KETK The article and video state PDG Houston White is 104 years old but that was obviously taped before his 105th birthday on January 17th.


RUSK, Texas (KETK) - An East Texas man continues to volunteer in his community, despite being 104-years-old. 

Houston White is a Rusk icon, wearing his black cowboy boots everywhere he goes.

"I'm still walking around," White says. "I use a walker for safety purposes to get in and out."

White was born in Colorado City, west of Abilene, in 1913. He served in the US Navy and opened up a hotel in downtown Rusk in 1940.

White has volunteered with the Rusk Rotary Club for decades. He maintained a perfect attendance record of Rotary Club meetings for over 65 years. 

"I came here to help people," White says. "I've done it all my life."

He founded the Rusk Rotary Club and members recently built a pavilion in his honor. 

"I've known Mr. White for 52 years now," Robby Tosh, a Rusk resident says. "He is a real good Christian man."

White also helps install flags around the city. He holds the flag of his beloved country tightly, so it does not touch the ground.

He believes he has lived a long life by being clean. 

"No smoking," White says. "No drinking, and eating properly."

White will be 105 in January and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. 

He is also considered the oldest active living Rotarian in the world. 

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