JANUARY 11-13, 2019
Thanks to all the clubs who have committed payments for RYLA 2019! As a reminder, each club is responsible for selecting High School Juniors to send to RYLA and then having them registrar for camp. New Medical forms are required this year for all participants including Rotary volunteers.
Find links to the student registration forms and volunteer forms on our District RYLA page:
Student Registrations and Medical forms are due by November 26, 2018.
RYLA Registrar: Birda Gaskin, gaskinbirda@gmail.com
RYLA District Chair: Michael Perez, perezink@gmail.com
Questions? Contact Birda at (832) 236-0408 or gaskinbirda@gmail.com and visit RYLA info tab.
* * * * * * *
District Governor John Hathaway is encouraging every Rotary Club to send at least 1 Volunteer or 1 Observer to RYLA. There is no cost to volunteers, but they need to register for proper food counts.