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Member Spotlight
Welcome to our Member Spotlight Page where you
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Demetress Harrell
The Rotary Club of Angelina (Lufkin)
Demetress Harrell was introduced to Rotary by much beloved Past District Governor Joe Byrd.  Mr. Byrd was on the Board of Directors for the company where Demetress worked and was adamant that she become a Rotarian.  Demetress is the first member of her family to join Rotary and describes the experience as amazing.
During her 23 years in Rotary, Demetress has been a Club President twice, Program Chair, Membership Chair, District Membership Chair, Assistant Governor, RI Assistant Rotary Coordinator, District Governor Nominee, Rotary Facilitator, RI Convention Session Presenter, Rotary Healthcare Fellowship SASMES Chair, International Rotary Presenter, and now District Governor Elect for 2022-2023.
Demetress describes herself as absolutely vested.  The opportunity of fellowship and service resonates deeply within her.  She loves the beautiful relationships that she has gained over the years and welcomes opportunities to improve relations and conditions through service and projects.  Rotary is one of her many passions. She has always loved the work of Rotarians and their commitment to service.  She is intrigued and engaged with the educational aspects of Rotary and loves being a presenter/facilitator.  One of her many goals is to make Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI), a cornerstone ensuring that Rotary is open to everyone.
 She holds the 4 Way Test close to her heart as “it grants the power of success.” She says, “I believe the highest reflection of a quality leader is integrity, and this has afforded such aspiration in my daily role as a business leader, church leader, family influencer and community leader.  I have several objects in my office with the 4 way test engraved on them.” 
When asked to describe her Rotary moment, Demetress describes her time as a RYLA facilitator. “I have continued to observe these young leaders become impeccable role models and exceptional inspirations to the communities where they reside.”  Demetress has been a RYLA volunteer for more than 15 years and loved every moment.  RYLA is a highlight of her Rotary career and the joys of this camp keep her coming back time and time again.  She loves the chants, fellowship, leadership and fun that each person experiences.  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards the keys to success and the doors to opportunity. 
Demetress is currently working on an international project that will enhance equipment services to counties that are deprived due to lack of resources.  This will be a remarkable movement among Rotarians.  She has hosted zoom meetings for the last 13 months with members across the world to make this project a reality. 
“Rotary can be the very BEST civic role anyone can hold but the investment for me is trusting that I will make a difference and be respected for trying😊”
PS.  Demetress is our Rotary District Governor Nominee for 2022-2023.