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Member Spotlight
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Jayne McCurry
The Rotary Club of Lufkin

Jayne McCurry was introduced to Rotary by Joe Byrd, who was considered “Mr. Rotary of Lufkin.”  

Jayne was just starting to open her very first law office as a solo practitioner and wanted to become a vibrant part of the Lufkin Community.   Joining Rotary was the perfect vehicle.  Jane was very familiar with what being a Rotarian meant because her grandfather was the very first President of the Lufkin Rotary Club, and many years later, her father joined a group of Rotarians and started a second Rotary Club in Lufkin, The Angelina Rotary Club.   During her years as a member, Jayne has held several offices and says that her favorite role has been to sponsor a Rotaract Club for Angelina College and to start a Satellite Club for the Lufkin Rotary Club.    

Jayne enjoys the meeting but most importantly, she loves the lifelong friendships she has made with fellow Rotarians.  Jane says, “Committed Rotarians are people you can trust, people who strive to improve their communities, and people that like to have fun serving others.”  Jayne feels that the leadership training is exceptional and the focus of Rotary worldwide is something she has personally seen in Nicaragua and continues to support.   Several years ago she took a couple of students to Nicaragua to visit the many projects sponsored by various Rotary Clubs.  She was proud of all the Rotarian accomplishments, but most of all she saw that Rotarians joined hands with the people they were helping as co- creators of viable solutions to improve access to clean water, prenatal care, and food.  

Jayne’s interest in Rotary has not waned.  She wants to be able to pass on to future generations her  enthusiasm and gratefulness for all that Rotary has meant to her during the past twenty plus years.  

When asked about the 4-way test, Jayne ties it to her own profession as an attorney.  “The legal community is a much maligned group of folks that have tried through disciplinary rules and guidelines to promote ethics in their legal practice. The 4-way test, starting with Is it the truth? simplifies a lot of behavior when ethical practices come into question.  We are all seeking the truth, and it is this core value along with the rest of the 4-way test that distills into a few short sentences what we all want to visualize in our professions, families, and communities. “ 

Another great Rotary experience for Jayne has been RYLA,  She has experienced what she describes as  a source of continually cold cold fun for in January.  She has helped on the low ropes course for several years.  She feels that the leadership skills taught along with group dynamics is a fabulous way to train high school students to work in a group.  The training is invaluable no matter what you are doing because everyone needs to learn to play well with others!  

Jayne values the way Rotary has changed to keep up with the times, noting that not every organization navigates our fast changing world as well as Rotary.  She is looking forward and remains very grateful for all past Rotarians.