What to Take to RYLA

Be prepared to dress casual all weekend.  You will be in the woods, so wear old shoes or boots (closed toes shoes necessary). The weather is unpredictable but usually cool to cold, so prepare to dress in layers.  All the sleeping rooms and meeting rooms are air conditioned and heated. COLD WEATHER CLOTHING IS ESSENTIAL (Hat, Gloves, Coat, long pants).

Other times you will be in meeting rooms with air condition and heaters.  You do not need any fancy clothes.  Please leave all jewelry at home (rings, bracelets, etc.).

Campers are encouraged to bring a camera to take a lot of pictures. Leave your computers and technology at home;­­ you will not have time to use them.  You will not need any money at the conference; Rotarians provide all your meals and refreshments throughout the weekend for FREE.  We will also provide any extra stuff you may need like paper, pencils,­­ poster board, etc.  

   Sleeping Bag or Bed Sheets (Twin Bed) 
   Towels & Wash Cloths (for personal use) 
   Bath Items (soap, shampoo, etc.) 
   Flash Light 
   Rain Poncho/Umbrella 
   Cap or hat (you will need when you are outside) 
   Jacket, sweater or sweat­shirt 
   Old shoes or boots

Do NOT Bring
   Radio/Jam Boxes 
   iPod, MP3 Players, etc.
   Pocket Video Games 
   Tobacco Products* 
*If you are found in possession of alcohol, tobacco products or weapons - you will be ejected from the camp and local law enforcement will be notified.