Our short-term (3-4 week summer) Program, is currently “in full swing” and the students are enjoying their visits to the fullest, as the following pictures show:
Lake Conroe President Robert Morrison welcomes exchange students to the club.  Long-Term Outbound Zach (second from left) is leaving soon for Taiwan for his exchange year; short-term Outbound Aubrey (third from left) is shown with her matched student, Yoko from France (far right). Aubrey had three wonderful weeks in France with Yoko and her family and now Yoko is enjoying Texas.
Short Term Inbound Cami from Italy (left) and her matched student Ashlynne from Huntsville at a recent meeting of the Huntsville Rotary Club.  Shown here with Club President David Thompson.  Ashlynne is in Italy now with Cami and her family.
Short Term Marco from Italy (second from right, in the back) shortly after he arrived in The Woodlands, together with his host family: his matched student Martin (second from left), his host father Jaime (left) and host mother Maria Gomez (middle), and his host brother Mateo (far right).  For technical reasons, Martin will visit Marco in Italy next summer.
Top: short-term Inbound, Gabin (far right) from France in New York, with his matched student Jad from Palestine (second from left), Jad’s twin brother Zade (far left), and host father Jumah Absy (third from left). Jad is in France now with Gabin and his family and is loved by his younger host brother. Bottom:  While in our District, Gabin together with his host family experienced a Texas icon, Whataburger.